New Line of Gluten-free Products at the Baharan Gol Facility

According to Solico Holding PR Office, on Thursday, May 14, 2015 a production line for gluten-free products officially began its work. Mr. Soleimani, senior managers of the company, Dr. Naseri Moghadam, officials from health ministry, National Standard Organization, The Iranian Department of Environment, Parliament members and Celiac Association Members as well as journalists were present at this ceremony.

The production of gluten-free food is one of the social policies of the holding towards the consumers dealing with several diseases such as celiac, MS, type 1 diabetes and digestive disorders. This plant is the first in Iran and is built in accordance with the international standards for gluten free products. The first on the range of its products is frozen toast bread. These products will be available to the market with the brand name of Celino.