Solico Group at a glance

  • Middle East pioneer company in food and beverage industry

    In Euro Monitor 2014 report Kalleh is introduced as world 48th company active in food industry. This institute has ranked Solico as Middle East pioneer company in food and beverage industry.

  • Solico Group and its 14 food and beverage production plants

    Solico Group has a diverse portfolio of products, each produced in one of its 14 plants located in Iran.

  • More than 30 offices all over the world

    Solico Group possesses more than 30 branches in Iraq, UAE, USA, Germany, England and Russia which facilitate its exports and supply chain management.

  • Over 15000 employees

    With more than 15000 employees, Solico is considered as one of the largest companies among government-owned and private businesses in Iran.

  • Over 1 billion dollar annual sales

    Owing to its vast variety of products and growing export rate, Solico’s annual sales number has exceeded 1 billion dollar. Besides, Solico Group has been always ranked in top three exporters of the country.

  • 1800 distinct products

    Thanks to its activity in different range of industries such as food, beverage, dairy etc., Solico Group produces more than 1800 products and is one of the leaders in the country and even Middle East.

  • More than 2500 tons of milk absorption per day

    Milk daily absorption is considered as one of the most vital indices to assess a dairy business. Solico Group consumes more than 2500 tons of milk per day which is the highest in the country.

  • Direct distribution

    One of the most important core competencies of Solico Group in Iran or even in MS region is its extensive fleet. With more than 2200 vehicles, Solico is capable to deliver its products directly to retail customers.

  • Solico Group as an Iranian premier exporter for 6 years in row

    Product diversity and premium quality has enabled Solico Group to export a great portion of its production and therefor has been recognized as one of Iranian premier companies in last 6 years.

  • Implementing ERP

    To effectively handle company’s internal processes and communications across the country, Solico Group adopted ERP system as a modern solution and successfully implemented it in 2015.